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Bus Infrastructure Audit

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Dates: 20th March 2021 No. of buses audited: 7 busses audited (AC & Non AC buses) Location of Audits: at Central Silk Board No. of participants: 4

The bus infrastructure audit was conducted to assess the status of infrastructure inside the bus. Both AC and non-AC buses were audited since the area of intervention is served by both bus types. For ease of access, these buses were audit at the start point of the 500-series of buses, at Silk Board. The parameters to assess the bus infrastructure include the following:

  • Physical infrastructure - Included the assessment of condition of seating, cleanliness and bicycle mounts in front of the bus

  • Information system - This included assessing the presence and legibility of bus details, route information, origin and destination details, upcoming stop announcements and helpline details inside and outside the bus.

  • Universal accessibility features - This includes assessing buses for the presence of universal accessibility features such as parking for wheelchair, telescopic ramp, and demarcated seats for disabled.

  • Safety - Included assessing the presence of CCTVs, alert/stop buttons, first AID kit, fire extinguisher and seat marking for COVID-19 related social distancing.

Additionally, Bus Drivers were interviewed to understand their perspectives and challenges while operating buses along the ORR Bus Priority Lane.

The findings of the audits can be accessed here.

Participants: Kaushik, Tanushri, Giriraj, Naveen

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