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Bus Stop Audit

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Dates: 17th March 2021 Bus stop locations: EMC2 bus stop (toward Hebbal), Rainbow Hospital Bus stop (towards Hebbal), EMC2 bus stop (toward Silk Board), Rainbow Hospital Bus stop (towards Silk Board) Number of shelters Audited: 9

Audits were conducted at the bus stops to the quality of physical infrastructure and information systems at the bus shelters. Understanding existing information systems would allow us to identify what wayfinding and bus information is required at the bus stop and the ways it can be conveyed in terms of static print signage and digital information panels. The bus stops were audited along the following parameters:

  • Physical infrastructure: The condition of the shelter and the seating were evaluated. The presence of rusty poles, dustiness, broken flooring, pasting of pamphlets, peeling paint, faded name/maps and overflowing/litter around trash bins were assessed at each bus shelter. The seating was evaluated for dustiness, sturdiness and the presence of hazardous objects poking out.

  • Information systems: Each bus shelter was evaluated for the presence of information such as bus stop name, bus network map, route details, bus timings, advertisement panels, listing of bus routes, bus fare, and information related to public amenities. The legibility of the information was also evaluated.

  • Universal accessibility: The bus shelter were assess for the presence of universal accessibility features such as ramp for wheelchair access, unbroken flooring conditions and material, and information systems that would aid the differently abled, and visually impaired.

  • Safety and security: The safety parameter evaluated such as low traffic flow, low pedestrian movements, inactive street fronts, negative street elements (ex. presence of cigar shops or bar) and lighting at bus shelter were assessed to evaluate the level of safety at the bus stops.

The findings of the audits can be accessed here.

Participants: Naveen, Rhea, Nihar, Sara

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