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cycle-friendly DODDANEKUNDI - Planning and Assessment Report


This report is a culmination of the first phase of project which is planning and assessment phase. The intent of it is to baseline the cycling network via conducting a handlebar survey, capturing the experience of cycling in Doddanekundi and conducting users surveys in order to achieve the following:

  • Develop a framework using the data to help Identify a pilot route

  • Arrive at insights that will help inform the design process moving ahead

The report is broadly divided into three parts:

  • Understanding the context of Doddanekundi through a series of network analysis like space syntax & traffic studies; and understanding the travel patterns & experiences of existing cyclists in Doddanekundi through surveys.

  • Infrastructure audit to analyse inhibitors and facilitators for cycling

  • Arriving at Pilot route through feasibility framework.

SuMA_Cycle-friendly Doddanekundi_P&A Report (final)
Download PDF • 16.31MB

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