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Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Dates: 20th March - 4th April, 2021 (over 3 weekends)

Location: Ferns Paradise, Doddenakundi

Number of participants: 11


The 3 weekend design workshop was kickstarted on 20th March with a diverse group of 11 students/working professionals having design backgrounds as well as cyclists from Doddanekundi.

Weekend 1:

Orientation + Activity Mapping

Participants were divided into 4 groups taking on one segment (2km approximately) of the pilot route each. Each group was assigned the task observing and mapping various activities along their segment. This was executed though photos, videos and sketched on site. The various stakeholders involved were also identified along each segment.

Weekend 2:

Case Studies + Design Brainstorming

Several best practices from around the world were presented to the participants to draw inspiration from and initiate the design thinking process. This was followed by a brainstorming session on types of cycle lanes which were later contextualised to the pilot route.

Weekend 3:

Junction Design

Taking the previous discussion forward, 6 critical junctions were deconstructed through schematic drawings with the goal of prioritising cyclists and pedestrians while crossing. Cyclists shared their personal experiences and suggestions , thus building evidence for the success of the proposed designs.

The workshop culminated in resolving cycle lanes and intersections at a conceptual level, keeping continuity, safety and directness as the underlying design principles.

Participant names :

Pravar | Imon | Shruthi | Ritu | Gaargi | Aditi | Murali | Nihar | Dhawal | Priyani | Aaradhana | Disha | Indu | Sobia | Ankit

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