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existing cyclist survey

Dates: September, 2020 (Online survey of middle and high income cyclists)

20th & 27th February, 2021 (On-ground interviews of low income cyclists) Survey Locations in Doddanekundi: It was found that entrances of Gated communities and certain major junctions worked best owing to the fact that cyclists generally tend to ride slower/demount their bikes at these instance. The following list contains the locations chosen to conduct the survey:

Ferns Paradise, Doddanekundi, Ferns City, Doddanekundi, Alpine Eco main road, Doddanekundi junction, Goshala main road (near Bagmane entrance), Doddanekundi Village (near Rama temple), Doddanekundi Lake, Kundanahalli lake, Kundanahalli gate, Graphite India junction, Mayura Hotel (on ITPL main road)

No. of cyclists interviewed online: 139

No. of cyclists interviewed on-ground: 51 (44 male, 13 female)

Types of Cyclists surveyed based on trip purpose


The first phase of the survey to capture the travel patterns of existing cyclists was rolled out online. The survey form was circulated through community and cycling groups in the ward, securing a total of 139 responses.

As a continuation to this survey rolled out in 2020, an on-ground survey was rolled out in February 2021 aimed at targeting utilitarian cyclists specifically with an increased emphasis on women cyclists. Riding experiences of 51 cyclists were captured through on-ground interviews over a span of 2 weekends at specific destinations across the ward.

Several iterations of the survey finally led to a short and comprehensive form which can be found here. Data such as origins and destinations, trip frequency, timings and reasons for cycling were gathered through this exercise.

Insights obtained through these interviews formed an important piece while arriving at the pilot route for design. The conversations also shed light on types of issues experienced by the lower income cyclists on a day-to-day basis. Here’s what some cyclists had to say…

Surveyor names :

Nihar | Pravar | Imon | Shruthi | Indu

Map of Origins and Destinations of Utilitarian Cyclists

The detailed report can be accessed here:

Download PDF • 1.90MB

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