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A set of 5 options of possible pilot routes was shared out for public voting. These routes were arrived at based on their connectivity to various popular origin-and-destinations in the Ward with most the direct and connected loops. This survey was disseminated online via a google form with the intention of getting a sense of what residents would deem most usable from their perspective.

The five routes that were put to vote

Upon reviewing responses from 60 voters, the top 3 most favoured routes were further analysed on their feasibility based on the framework as shown in the image below. The following 3 factors were taken into consideration,

  1. Mapping inhibitors to determine the level of effort to retrofit the Ward’s route with cycle conducive infrastructure.

  2. Mapping facilitators to determine the level of comfort of existing roadways.

  3. Calculating demand for cycling infrastructure:

    1. Existing demand -

      1. Mapping routes currently taken by cyclists within the ward from their homes to place of work. This was captured through in-person interviews with 60 utilitarian cyclists.

      2. Public feedback on most used routes via the #MarkYourCycleRoute mapping exercise rolled out by DULT as a part of the Cycle4Change challenge.

    2. Projected demand -

      1. Public voting on various possible alignments of routes connecting popular origins-and-destinations in the ward.

Feasibility Framework

A scoring logic was developed based on fixability of the inhibitor and favourability of the facilitator. Each street was given a score from 0 to 3. The pilot route emerged from weighing the factors mentioned above. Some of its key features include :

Distance : 9 km + 3 km (Lake)

Destinations :

  • Bagmane Tech Park

  • Garudacharpalya

  • Hoodi

  • Prestige Technostar

  • Alpine Eco Main road

  • Doddanekundi Lake

Transit Hubs :

  • Rainbow Hospital bus stop

  • Doddanekundi bus stop

  • Graphite India bus stop

  • Proposed Metro station (Hoodi)

  • Proposed Metro station (ITPL Main road)

Selected Pilot Route

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