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Imposing fines for Traffic violation

20th December 2021

The KR Puram Police Team has started imposing Rs.1,000 fine for violation of the “No Parking” zone on Ferns City Road.

Additionally, the No entry Sign near the Alpine Eco road U-turn has been refurbished to avoid the rampant one-way violation on ORR service road. The police has started imposing a fine of Rs.1,000 for any violations here too.

Fixing of Potholes on Ferns City Road

20th December 2021

The BBMP Zonal Engineering team has restored all potholes and pits dug by BESCOM for laying underground cables on Ferns City Road. After coordination with Airtel, GAIL and BESCOM, and multiple calls to their contractors and sub-contractors, the road is finally available to use by the residents!

Asphalting of ISRO Road

16th December 2021

Asphalting of ISRO Road has commenced. This will help improve commute from Outer Ring Road towards Old Airport Road and Doddanekndi Village benefitting thousands of commuters in the neighbourhoods.

Median on Graphite India Road

16th December 2021

Median work on Graphite India Road is in progress. Once complete, this road will benefit 100,000+ residents and 300,000 commuters travelling to IT companies in EPIP, ITPL and Doddanekundi Area.

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