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Site Inspection with BBMP Road Infrastructure team

On 4th October2021, we had a site inspection of ongoing roadwork with representation from the BBMP Road Infrastructure team, DULT, Doddanekundi Community and Sensing Local.

As a result of the discussion, the following was identified:

  • Maintenance Tasks and Snag list in areas with ongoing work

  • Missing links in the network of on-going works which can be taken up for development with a fresh proposal to provide a continuous network of good walking and cycling infrastructure

  • Stretches in good existing condition for development of a part of the proposed cycle lanes under the SuMA grant

Watch this space for updates as we push these tasks along to implementation in the coming months while we simultaneously align with other parastatal agencies.

You can find a detailed MoM here:

Site Inspection with BBMP RI - 04Oct2021
Download PDF • 75KB

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