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suma household survey

Dates: February to April, 2021

Survey Location: Doddanekundi (Ward 81, 82 and 85)

Number of citizens surveyed: 971 (523 M, 448 F)


A detailed house hold survey was conducted to understand the mobility patterns of the people living within the neighbourhood. The survey was conducted by members of Ferns Paradise Plot Owners Association, and Doddanekundi Rising community groups, along with the help of volunteers. Online and offline, both modes were used to finish this mammoth task. People across all age groups, gender and socio-economic backgrounds were surveyed to get a comprehensive understanding of the issues related to mobility.

The data gave us a quantitative insight of demographic profile, preferred modes of transport, time taken, distance travelled and trip purpose of the respondents. It helped identify the gap in the use of sustainable modes of transport by the community with respect to the definition of sustainable neighbourhood.

A detailed report can be viewed here:

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