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Understanding the User

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Interviews on Site

Date: 20th February 2021 Location: EMC2 bus stops, Rainbow Hospital Bus stops, Doddanekundi Village, Soul Space Arena Mall, Alpine Eco Road, Bagmane Tech Park. Total number of people interviewed: 62

Interviews on site were conducted to build an understanding of typical routes, first-mile last-mile connectivity and challenges faced along the bus journey - on the bus, at the bus stop, and to and from the bus stop. These interviews were conducted in collaboration with YLAC Mobility Champions. Additionally, a Participatory Engagement piece was designed and tested, to help the team to engage with the respondents and make the interview process more interactive. The interviews on site gave qualitative insights into the site-specific types of challenges that people face while using public transport in the neighbourhood.


Bus Accessibility Survey

Physical Survey Dates:

27th Feb 2021 to 13 March 2021 Online Survey Dates:

13th March 2021 to 30th March 2021 No. of respondents: 84 Physical Survey locations:

EMC2 bus stops, Rainbow Hospital Bus stops, Doddanekundi Village, Soul Space Arena Mall, Alpine Eco Road.

The user surveys aimed to expand the sample set to understand and quantify the challenges faced by residents in the area and people who visit the area for work or recreation. These surveys were developed and disseminated in collaboration with Y.L.A.C. (Young Leaders for Active Citizenship) Mobility Champions. The survey was disseminated by two means – an online survey was circulated along with a video and poster aimed at people who live or work in Doddanekundi and have access to internet. An offline version of the survey was conducted on site at the bus stops and at locations where the reach of the online survey was limited.

The survey captured the following:

  • Demography

  • Mobility Patterns, including frequency of bus usage

  • Residence or place of work in Doddanekundi

  • Typical Origins and Destinations

  • Challenges faced when using the bus

  • Perception of the bus journey and bus system

  • Priorities with respect to bus journey

The findings from the surveys and interviews have been analysed under five categories: Bus Connectivity, Bus Service, Information, Infrastructure, and Safety and Security. You can access the findings here.

Participants: Anushree, Tanushree, Giriraj, Kaushik, Ankit, Prithvi

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