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Walking Audit

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Dates: 3rd April 2021 Location: Doddanekundi Area - along Outer Ring Road, Alpine Eco Road, Doddanekundi Main Road, Ferns City Road, Goshala Road Route length audited: 8.5 km walking network constituting 14 km of footpath Number of Participants: 12

The walking audit is an Audit tool that forms a crucial piece in the data collection process, enabling qualitative and quantitative aspects to be captured by walkers along the key routes used by commuters to access key bus stops. This audit mainly focuses on two main aspects:

  • Identify the common walking routes used to access the bus stops in the neighbourhood.

  • Baselining the network by assessing the infrastructure that “facilitates” and “ïnhibits” walking.

  • Gathering qualitative data regarding the experience of walking along the first and last mile routes.

About 8.5 km of walking network constituting a 14km of footpath network in the area of influence was audited by a member6-member team (2 participants per team). An approximately 2km stretch of footpath was assigned to each team, of which one participant was mapping the issues on physical map (field paper) and another participant clicking photographs of each issue mapped using a simple kobo form.

Aspects that were captured include the following:

  • Facilitators: These include those parameters that make a stretch of road conducive for walking like – Garbage bins, shaded area, bollards, seating, and railings.

  • Inhibitors: These parameters predominantly include issues that make it difficult to walking like – construction debris, garbage dumping, transformers as obstacles, various kinds of encroachments, no footpath, broken or missing footpath, level differences, blank walls and unlit stretches .

At the end of audit, participants filled an experience survey that captured the qualitative aspects of the experience of walking.

The data from the audit is compiled in the map below and a detailed analysis of the findings can be found in this report.

Participants: Nihar, Rhea, Naveen, Sara, Sobia, Rashmi, Prithvi, Nishita, Samriddhi

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