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Extension of Footpath near Rainbow Children's Hospital Culvert

20th December 2021

The footpath near Rainbow Children's hospital was extended to allow for a continuous, unobstructed space for pedestrians on Outer Ring Road Service lane. The footpath was initially obstructed with 2 RMU units and the drain edge being an obstacle for pedestrians.

At a later stage the the drain edge will also be walled up with sheet barriers for safety and a better visual appeal of the street for pedestrians!

Staircase near Rainbow Children's Hospital Bus Stop

20th December 2021

BBMP Projects team has built a staircase near the Down Ramp of the flyover near the Doddanekundi Rainbow Children's Hospital Bus Stop.

These steps help pedestrian alighting at the Bus Stop to climb up to walk towards Alpine Eco Road or Outer Ring Road Service lane without having the navigate heavy traffic the the road junction.

With support from the BBMP Electrical Department, the trees shading the staircase were trimmed to let more light to improve visibility and safety of pedestrians.

Footpath Improvement on Alpine Eco Road

16th December 2021

BBMP Road Infrastructure team has started repair work of the drain slabs along Alpine Eco Road. With the repair of the first set of slab underway, more spots (to replace 40 slabs) have been identified which will be fixed by the BBMP RI team as part of their repair and restoration activity under the AMC of arterial roads.

Footpath Improvement on Doddanekundi Main Road

16th December 2021

Footpath and drain cover work along Doddanekundi Main Road has begun. This will improve commute from Outer Ring Road towards Doddanekundi Village and benefit thousands of commuters in the neighbourhood.

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