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about the project

The proposal aims to facilitate the adoption of sustainable mobility in Doddanekundi to enable faster transit times, lessen congestion, improve air quality and shift vehicular trips towards non-motorized modes.

The project aims to create “complete streets” that are streets designed and operated to enable safe use and support mobility for all users. Those include people of all ages and abilities, regardless of whether they are travelling as drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, or public transportation riders.

A budget of 50 lakhs has been allocated under the Sustainable Mobility Accord (SuMA) program launched by the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) which will enable the piloting, testing and implementation of:

  • 16.4 km walking and cycling network connecting to public transport

  • Pedestrian infrastructure through improvement of footpaths

  • Cycle lanes to enable cycling as a mode of transport

  • Supporting infrastructure such as benches, dustbins, safe crossings

  • Activity zones at key locations

The project  was developed in conjunction with Cycle-Friendly Doddanekundi and Navigating-500 Doddanekundi.

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